GamePlay Blog Week 11, November 20-26

Well, it’s the final week of the gameplay blogs so here we go. This week was a good week for gaming despite me having a ton of final homework stuff to complete for all the courses I’m in except this one. Here’s the rundown of what games I played this week:

-Two Dots (iPhone)

-The Sims 3 (PC) (iPhone)

-Off the Rails and Skywire VIP (online)

-Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)


-Two Dots

Duration for the week: 5 hours

Well, of course I played Two Dots this week. I think it’s the only game I’ve played every single week of this blog! Since the beginning of this course, I  have beaten over 300 levels in this game and am nearly caught up. I have about ~100 levels left, so I don’t think I’ll be finishing it by the time this course ends. But that’s okay. I played Two Dots in sessions of 5 to 20 minutes at a time, usually at home. I have gradually stopped playing games while I’m on the bus or at school. I’m not sure why. But the levels are very challenging now so sometimes I feel very frustrated while playing, and afterwards, if I’m not successful in beating a level.


-The Sims 3

Duration for the week: 4 hours

I played two sessions of about two hours each at home this week. Still with the same family and I really enjoy playing it. I feel happy and calm. I don’t need a spa to relax, I need the Sims 3.


-Off the Rails and Skywire VIP

Duration for the week: 1 hour

I put these two games together because they’re both really simple but addicting Flash games on Nitrome that aren’t super different and don’t really require two entries. I played them both for about an hour total while on FaceTime at home with my boyfriend. It was fun. I started playing these games in grade 3 so it’s been a game I’ve kinda grown up going back to. Sometimes they can be really frustrating because even though they are simple, it can be very tricky to beat the levels.

Duration for the week: 1.5 hours

I played several sessions of over the week, for about 5 to ten minutes each. Now that I’m aware of the AI mode, it’s really fun again. I feel so smart when playing it hahahah. But yeah, it’s a good simple game. I only play it at home.


-Super Mario Odyssey

Duration for the week: At least 24 hours

Ok, this is probably going to the biggest shocking finale out of all the gaming blogs you have to read. Right before the weekend began, after dreaming about playing Super Mario Odyssey, I went out and bought a Switch bundle for a total of $560. A little pricey for this one game but it is SO worth it (and I’m obviously going to get other games down the road) But wow. This game is so amazing. It’s so much fun. I feel constantly in awe of it when I play. I played several sessions over the weekend that varied from 2 hours to 4 hours long. Safe to say I am addicted and will be playing this frequently throughout the holidays.


Summary for the week:

Total duration for the week: 35.5 hours

Well it’s the end of the gaming blog and I feel like I have learned a lot more about my gaming habits and preferences from this blog. It’s been fun recording the games I have been playing and I hope the blog has been informative and entertaining. And I GOT A SWITCH!!!!