GamePlay Blog Week 10, November 14-20

This week, I played some games that have not been on here yet, as well as some ones that have. Here we go!


-Two Dots (iPhone)

-Pokemon Go (iPhone)

-Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

-Soccer (Facebook Messenger) (iPhone)

-Sims 3 (PC)


-Two Dots

Duration for the week: 5 hours

I think I played Two Dots less than usual this week because I was frequently stuck on challenging levels which frustrated me and made me not want to play it very much. Especially since I am on a new mechanic and I haven’t quite mastered it yet. This week, I mostly played it at home and less out and about. I think this is due to the rain and not wanting to use my phone everywhere due to rain drops. Hopefully next week I will be more successful


-Pokemon Go

Duration for the week: <30 minutes

I barely played it this week…but I just can’t quit…help me! I only played it at home as well and didn’t feel embarrassed because there was nobody around but also I kind of felt exasperated at myself for CONTINUING TO PLAY! The game is so boring now without an event but I have to just check it once a day, even if for a few minutes…


-Super Mario Odyssey

Duration for the week: 1.5 hours

Okay, this may be the best new game I have played all year. Wow. My boyfriend brought over his Switch on the weekend because he was having so much fun with Odyssey and he wanted me to try it out. So I did, and it was amazing! The controls were a little tricky to pick up at first because there is so many, so I was a little frustrated at first. But after that, when I started exploring a few kingdoms and finding some moons, I was having a BLAST. It made me want to go out and buy a Switch and the game right then and there. I would have played longer but he had forgotten the charger so the battery didn’t last too long. It put me in a great mood because I was having so much fun. Hopefully I can play this game again next month!



Duration for the week: <30 minutes

I didn’t even consider this a game until my boyfriend pointed out that it was one. It’s the simplest of games- just tapping a soccer ball on the screen to keep it in the air, but what a challenging game it is! It’s tough! And it gets me feeling very competitive because whenever you finish a game it immediately sends the score to whoever is in your chat. So I played this every now and then when I was at home and feeling like a quick round of soccer.

Duration for the week: 30 minutes

I recently discovered that you can play against AI’s on this simple snake game, so I’ve been doing that in sessions of about five minutes each. It makes me feel really good about myself because it’s super easy to be the top snake and they’re super easy to fool. So yes, I’m addicted to again. I only play it at home because I need a quiet place to play it in.


-The Sims 3

Duration for the week: 10 hours

I played a lot of Sims this week because I finished a lot of my assignments earlier than I thought I would (hurray to kicking procrastination in the butt) so I played several two or three hour sessions. I’m getting really invested in this family and having a lot of fun with it. I’m usually in a happy, calm mood while playing it. I love the Sims 3! The adventures are endless! I think this shows, along with other games I play, that I really enjoy open ended games, or games that you can’t ever really complete. I also only played the Sims at home because, well, it’s super weird to play it at school.


Summary for the week:

Total Duration for theĀ  19ish hours

This week I think was a good gaming week. Mostly Super Mario Odyssey is on my mind and that’s what makes it so great. I hope to play that again next time Steven and I visit. Other than that, I played my regular games, but that’s all right. I had fun. And I played Odyssey! Odysseyyyyyy!