GamePlay Blog Week 9, November 7-13

This week I played some of the usual games and some ones that haven’t been on the blog yet. Here they are:

-Two Dots (iPhone)

-Pokemon Go (iPhone)

-Off the Rails (PC online game)

-Eggggg (iPhone)

-Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS)


-Two Dots

Duration for the week: 5 hours

Of course I played Two Dots, something would be seriously wrong if I didn’t. My hours were a little less than usual because I was on a vacation of sorts from Thursday until Monday, but nonetheless I played it when I could. I got stuck on more than a few levels for a longer time than normal which kind of made me feel frustrated because I like to beat the levels quickly. And they added more levels so I’m not sure if I will catch up by the end of this term! I played Two Dots everywhere – at home, on the bus, while waiting for class to start, while eating dinner, etc. Quality game.


-Pokemon Go

Duration for the week: 1 hour

My interest in Pokemon Go continued to wane this week as I didn’t have a lot of time to play it, but also, it’s back to being boring now that the event is long gone and it’s just the crappy types of Pokemon to catch. I usually played it on the bus, walking home/to the bus, or walking to class. I felt a bit less embarrassed about playing it this week because I saw various other people playing it on the bus and at school. I think when Gen 3 comes out the hype will briefly return. That’s supposed to be in December, but we’ll see. For now I’ll continue to have my brightness very low while playing it in public.



Duration for the week: 20 minutes

I opened this game once this week intending on deleting it because it takes a lot of space up on my phone. But…I got sucked in and ended up keeping it. At least for a little while. It gets my brain kinda thinking fast because you have to have quick reflexes to keep going. Even though it’s still kinda complicated. I played it once at home. I felt more tense after playing than I did when I started playing, haha. I only played it once because I got stuck on one level which I absolutely cannot beat so I think I will probably give up and delete the game soon.


-Off the Rails

Duration for the week: 30 minutes

This is a classic game from my childhood. Despite it being very simple I have never actually beaten it, so this week I gave it a go and indeed still did not beat it. Maybe one day. I played one session of it in the comfort of my home. It always reminds me of grade 3 when I first played it, and grade 3 was a good year, so I guess it made me feel happy.


-Donkey Kong Country Returns

Duration for the week: 30 minutes

I played this game for the first time this week for one half hour session while I was at home. I found it fun but also challenging and that may be why I only played it once- after a bit of reflection on this blog, I think I give up too easily when it comes to games. Interesting, because in ‘real life’ I am quite the opposite. The game was cute but also I did’t really ‘get’ it because it’s a sequel game and I haven’t played the first one. But that’s okay.


Summary for the week:

Total hours for the week: 8.5 hours

It was a good week for gaming considering I was away from game playing consoles for about four days. It was fun to try some newer games while revisiting one from my childhood and as well playing some ones that I usually do. Good stuff.