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GamePlay Blog #5

GamePlay Blog Week 5, October 10-16

This week, I played some games that have already been recorded on this blog, and another one that hasn’t made an appearance yet. Here they are:

-Two Dots (iPhone app)

-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

-PilotWings Resort (3DS)

-Smashy Roads (iPhone app)


-Two Dots

-Duration for the week: ~5 hours

As usual, I logged some solid hours playing Two Dots wherever I went. Game time varied from 5 minute to 20 minute sessions. It depended on how easy the levels were and my patience at the time I was playing. I’m now in the 1100 levels, so catching up to how many levels are actually in the game. I think catching up by the end of this course is a good goal to have. Hopefully I can do that. We’ll see.


-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Duration for the week: 30 minutes

I did not play this game much because it continued to frustrate and confuse me, so I will be returning it to my boyfriend this week in hopes of playing some other new games that make me feel happier and a lot less frustrated. I played it while we were FaceTiming, one time in my house.


-PilotWings Resort

Duration for the week: 1.5 hours

I played PilotWings Resort a few times this week inside my home, during sessions of about 15-20 minutes each. I discovered that there isn’t much to do in the game, so I didn’t play it for very long. But I did play it when I was feeling tense or stressed. It calmed me right down and made me feel very peaceful. I think I will be keeping this game around until the end of the term!


-Smashy Roads

Duration for the week: ~30 minutes

I was introduced to Smashy Roads in the summer by my boyfriend, and it’s a quick little game that I played a few times while at home. It kind of makes me feel anxious while playing because I’m being chased by police, but it’s lots of fun and improves my reflexes, I’d like to think.

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  1. UnStoppablePlumbob,
    Overall, this is a very good GamePlay blog. I appreciate the level of detail and how organized your post are. I would like to see a bit more self reflection on the actual experience of having had a gaming session. Think about what you feel like before, during and after you play. Also, you could include a summary at the end of the week that reflects on your overall week of play.

    – Doug
    Mark: A (131 XP)

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