GamePlay Blog Week 3, September 26-October 2.

Monday October 2

This week, I was on a kind of mini-vacation for my birthday, but luckily, it was to my boyfriend’s house, where there were lots of games, so this week I get to write about playing some new ones. He also gave me some 3DS games to play in the next two weeks before I visit again.  The four games I played this week were:

-Two Dots (iPhone game)

-Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

-Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS)

-Just Dance Now (iOS)


Two Dots

Duration for the week: 2 hours

This week I obviously played Two Dots, because it’s my favorite game, but I only really played it in the days I was on the island. I was too busy and had other things to do for the rest of the week. However, one of the nights I won a “free hour of unlimited lives” so I was pleased about that and beat some hard levels. I was in a good mood when I played Two Dots, and often played it when waiting for a class to start or the bus to arrive.


Super Mario World

Duration for the week: 2 hours

I played two player mode with my boyfriend in his house for two hours. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Super Mario World is probably my favorite Mario game ever because it is very detailed and has lots of secret levels and is actually fairly challenging. We played on a file that we had started in the summer and played just for fun, although we ended up beating Bowser too. I felt really happy and content when playing it.


Mario Kart 7

Duration for the week: 20 minutes

My boyfriend and I played on DS Download play for about twenty minutes while on the bus to the SkyTrain. Since I was playing on a 3DS, it started to hurt my eyes quite quickly, but when I turned the 3D off, it seemed boring. I enjoyed Mario Kart on my DS when I was  younger, like about a decade ago, but now I more enjoy playing it on the Switch. We didn’t play long because I was feeling bored and frustrated- because I was bored and my eyes hurt, I wasn’t playing well and got last place on every course we did! Definitely not my usual!


Just Dance Now

Duration for the week: 2 hours

This was my first time playing Just Dance Now- a console is not needed for the game- just a screen, and my phone was my remote. I had played Just Dance before and own several of the Wii games. However, my boyfriend and I were also playing with his three little brothers and another of our friends, so I was a little embarrassed at first as I was the only girl but I slowly got more comfortable. I had fun while playing it and enjoyed the new concept of my phone being a remote, even though it was glitchy at times. I would like to play this in my own home now that I know this is a thing. Just Dance is a great way to get in shape while playing video games. All in all, a good week of gaming.