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Month: October 2017

GamePlay Blog #7

GamePlay Blog Week 7, October 24-30

This week was kind of my slacker week. I was really busy with homework and work and other things so the gaming was kinda minimal. Just played two games on my phone.

-Two Dots

-Pokemon Go


-Two Dots

Duration for the week: 7 hours

I won the 1hour of unlimited lives twice this week, so that helped me progress some more. Typically I felt the same before, during and after playing Two Dots. It’s one of those games that doesn’t really change me mood, it just gives me a bit of peace and calm while playing it. I think that’s nice and refreshing. It’s no fun when games stress me out. As usual I played it on the bus, in my house, at school, and pretty much anywhere I could.


-Pokemon Go

Duration for the week: 2 hours

At leeeeast two hours…I don’t wanna put more because that’s embarrassing, right? Nobody plays Pokemon Go anymore…right? Yeah. Pretty much. Except the gyms are always changing at VIU still so I KNOW some people still play it. Mostly it was the event this week that I played for, caught a few new guys and such. I think my interest will wane again when it ends. It’s a general feeling of embarrassment before, during, and after. Gotta hide my phone screen from others, make it look like I’m texting, etc… Yeah…remember when it was cool to play? Me too. I mostly played PGO on the bus or while walking from class to the bus.


Total weekly gameplay: 9 hours

Summary for the week:

Well, it wasn’t my best week but even the two games I played allowed for some insight on how I’m feeling during playing and the like. Hopefully this coming week will be less busy and more full of some fun games.

GamePlay Blog #6

GamePlay Blog Week 6, October 17-23

This week, once again I played some games that have already been recorded on this blog, and a lot of new ones. Here they are:

-Two Dots (iPhone app)

-Virtual Boy Wario Land

–Super Mario: Lost Levels, Super Mario Advance 2, Super Mario Advance 3 (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

-Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube)

-Pokemon Go (iPhone app)



-Two Dots

-Duration for the week: ~7 hours

Nothing out of the ordinary, I played lots of Two Dots this week, especially as I travelled to and from the mainland this weekend, providing lots of boredom time. I don’t think I’m in any particular mood before I play Two Dots, since I play it so frequently and so often. During, I usually feel content, sometimes peaceful if the levels are easy to beat. If they are more challenging I feel stressed. Often my mood after I play depends on how many levels I’ve gotten through in that session. If I get through at least three, I feel happier.


-Virtual Boy Wario Land

-Duration for the week: 1 hour

I had heard lots about the Virtual Boy over the past few months through my boyfriend, who owns one, and decided to play Wario Land for a little while for one and then eventually another session, even though I was apprehensive. Half an hour was all  I could take at a time, because it truly hurt my eyes and gave me a bit of a headache briefly. Also, one has to play it while sitting at a table, which wasn’t very comfortable. The game, however, I enjoyed, and I thought the 3D was really cool, even if the whole thing was just in red and black.


-Super Mario: Lost Levels, Super Mario Advance 2, Super Mario Advance 3 (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

-Duration for the week: 45 minutes One afternoon while at my boyfriend’s house, we decided to play some old Mario on his SNES. We just played for fun and didn’t play competitively and tried out the three different games back to back and compared them and talked about what we liked and didn’t like in each. Before I played, I was excited to play some different Mario games that I had never tried before. During it, I felt happy and we laughed a lot every time my character would die a quick death. After I played, I felt kind of tired because we played a lot of different games in a short span of time and some of the game mechanics change. Other than that it was lots of fun.


-Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube)

-Duration for the week: 15 minutes

We played this briefly after the other three Mario games, and I was very tired and losing a bit of interest at this point in the day so I felt tired and kind of restless before and during gameplay. After playing I was mostly reflecting on the game and how it has influenced games like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64.


-Pokémon Go (iPhone App)

Duration for the week: 1 hour

My interest in Pokemon Go actually came back this week, because there is a Halloween event happening right now and some Generation 3 Pokémon are making their first appearance. During play I kind of felt shameful because who really plays this anymore, but since I was catching new Pokémons I usually felt successful and pleased after the gameplay.


Total hours for the week: 10 hours

It was a good gaming week, full of a variety of different games on different platforms, and I have enjoyed playing new games as well as the old.

GamePlay Blog #5

GamePlay Blog Week 5, October 10-16

This week, I played some games that have already been recorded on this blog, and another one that hasn’t made an appearance yet. Here they are:

-Two Dots (iPhone app)

-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

-PilotWings Resort (3DS)

-Smashy Roads (iPhone app)


-Two Dots

-Duration for the week: ~5 hours

As usual, I logged some solid hours playing Two Dots wherever I went. Game time varied from 5 minute to 20 minute sessions. It depended on how easy the levels were and my patience at the time I was playing. I’m now in the 1100 levels, so catching up to how many levels are actually in the game. I think catching up by the end of this course is a good goal to have. Hopefully I can do that. We’ll see.


-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Duration for the week: 30 minutes

I did not play this game much because it continued to frustrate and confuse me, so I will be returning it to my boyfriend this week in hopes of playing some other new games that make me feel happier and a lot less frustrated. I played it while we were FaceTiming, one time in my house.


-PilotWings Resort

Duration for the week: 1.5 hours

I played PilotWings Resort a few times this week inside my home, during sessions of about 15-20 minutes each. I discovered that there isn’t much to do in the game, so I didn’t play it for very long. But I did play it when I was feeling tense or stressed. It calmed me right down and made me feel very peaceful. I think I will be keeping this game around until the end of the term!


-Smashy Roads

Duration for the week: ~30 minutes

I was introduced to Smashy Roads in the summer by my boyfriend, and it’s a quick little game that I played a few times while at home. It kind of makes me feel anxious while playing because I’m being chased by police, but it’s lots of fun and improves my reflexes, I’d like to think.

GamePlay Blog #4

GamePlay Blog Week 4, October 3-9

This week, I had the opportunity to play a few newer games, as well as some that I have already played. The games I played were:

-Two Dots (iPhone app)

-Just Dance Now (computer game)

-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

-PilotWings Resort (3DS)


-Two Dots

Duration for the week: 4 hours

Of course I played Two Dots this week. Nothing out of the ordinary, I played it for several sessions varying from 3 minutes to 20 minutes long. I was usually in a happy mood while playing, although I was stuck on a tricky level for a couple days which increased my concentration and made me feel lightly frustrated. I played it while at the bus stop, in my home, and while waiting for class to start. As well, sometimes while I was on the bus. I really want to beat all the levels up to what’s currently been released. I think it will give me more free time.


-Just Dance Now

Duration for the week: 40 minutes

I played Just Dance Now in the comfort of my own room for one session this week that was about 40 minutes.  A lot of the time it was configuring the game and understanding the whole computer/iPhone concept. I am still very accustomed to playing it on the Wii. Even though I was playing Just Dance Now alone, I was still feeling fairly embarrassed to be playing this game, alone in my room. Me, a 19 year old. Maybe it was the fear my housemates would hear me, or just fearing someone finding out somehow. I don’t know. I had fun though, and liked dancing to some new songs that I hadn’t tried yet. Playing this is partly what inspired my TKQ proposal.


-Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Duration for the week: 1.5 hours

This was an interesting experience. It was my first time playing this game, and it was difficult for me to pick up and enjoy. The gameplay is challenging, and I think it is more directed at players that have played the first Luigi’s Mansion game. I have not played that game. Most of the time playing I was feeling frustrated and angry for not understand how to play it for most of the time. There’s not a lot of instruction in the game so it was hard to learn. This did not make me want to play more, and I was reluctant to look up how-to’s because that’s effort and time and I don’t have much these days. I played this game in the comfort of my own home.


-PilotWings Resort

Duration for the week: 2 hours

This game was suggested I play by my boyfriend after my increasing frustration with the other 3DS game. It was exactly what I needed- I felt so relaxed and happy while playing this! I played several twenty and thirty minute sessions in my home during the weekend. It was lots of fun, and this game does have a few missions, but for the most part I just free-played and flew around Wuhu Island. It was awesome.

GamePlay Blog #3

GamePlay Blog Week 3, September 26-October 2.

Monday October 2

This week, I was on a kind of mini-vacation for my birthday, but luckily, it was to my boyfriend’s house, where there were lots of games, so this week I get to write about playing some new ones. He also gave me some 3DS games to play in the next two weeks before I visit again.  The four games I played this week were:

-Two Dots (iPhone game)

-Super Mario World (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

-Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS)

-Just Dance Now (iOS)


Two Dots

Duration for the week: 2 hours

This week I obviously played Two Dots, because it’s my favorite game, but I only really played it in the days I was on the island. I was too busy and had other things to do for the rest of the week. However, one of the nights I won a “free hour of unlimited lives” so I was pleased about that and beat some hard levels. I was in a good mood when I played Two Dots, and often played it when waiting for a class to start or the bus to arrive.


Super Mario World

Duration for the week: 2 hours

I played two player mode with my boyfriend in his house for two hours. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Super Mario World is probably my favorite Mario game ever because it is very detailed and has lots of secret levels and is actually fairly challenging. We played on a file that we had started in the summer and played just for fun, although we ended up beating Bowser too. I felt really happy and content when playing it.


Mario Kart 7

Duration for the week: 20 minutes

My boyfriend and I played on DS Download play for about twenty minutes while on the bus to the SkyTrain. Since I was playing on a 3DS, it started to hurt my eyes quite quickly, but when I turned the 3D off, it seemed boring. I enjoyed Mario Kart on my DS when I was  younger, like about a decade ago, but now I more enjoy playing it on the Switch. We didn’t play long because I was feeling bored and frustrated- because I was bored and my eyes hurt, I wasn’t playing well and got last place on every course we did! Definitely not my usual!


Just Dance Now

Duration for the week: 2 hours

This was my first time playing Just Dance Now- a console is not needed for the game- just a screen, and my phone was my remote. I had played Just Dance before and own several of the Wii games. However, my boyfriend and I were also playing with his three little brothers and another of our friends, so I was a little embarrassed at first as I was the only girl but I slowly got more comfortable. I had fun while playing it and enjoyed the new concept of my phone being a remote, even though it was glitchy at times. I would like to play this in my own home now that I know this is a thing. Just Dance is a great way to get in shape while playing video games. All in all, a good week of gaming.

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