GamePlay Blog Week 2, September 19-25.

Monday Sept 25

This week, I was also very busy but managed to play at least three games. This coming week I will be going to my boyfriend’s house, and he owns every Nintendo console ever made, so I will have a lot more variety this coming week.  The three games I played were:

-The Sims 3 (PC)

-TwoDots (iPhone game)

-Pokemon Go (iPhone game)


Sims 3

Duration for the week: 5 hours

This week I played Sims 3 for five hours one night and one night only. I managed to redo all my hard work that was lost last week when I didn’t save.  I felt kind of anxious because of the last time I played. I saved the game every ten minutes and luckily was able to create all my families and houses before the game eventually did crash. Because of this, I didn’t play the Sims 3 any more this week- also because I was tight on time and felt discouraged that my game keeps crashing- I may have to reset my game once again. Instead of feeling calm and at ease like I usually do when playing Sims 3, I felt anxious, distressed and frustrated at the end when it crashed. Why! Also, I played Sims 3 only at home, because my computer battery drains so fast when I’m playing, so it needs to always be plugged in, and also, I’m pretty sure I would judged very  hard if I was playing the Sims 3 in the VIU library.



Duration for the week: 7 hours

My game review was about Two Dots, so this week I put a lot more time and observance into the little game. I played it for at least an hour today and turned on the game notifications so that I would know when all my lives were refilled. I was feeling analytical when playing around the time I was writing the review. It made me enjoy the game less and I felt distracted from just playing and figuring out the puzzles. Also, the power up that I’m currently at is quite challenging and makes it harder to complete the levels, which means they take longer, and I run out of lives faster! I will be happier when I’m on to the next power up phase, which I think is a fun one. After I finished the review, I found playing the game more fun, and often played it while I was on the bus, or waiting for class to start, or simply when I was relaxing at home.


-Pokemon Go

Duration for the week: <15 minutes

I played Pokemon Go sparingly this week, even less than last week, and only when I was waiting for the bus or in an area I knew there was a Pokestop. The game totally bores me now and I have no idea why I still play it, it just makes me feel annoyed whenever I play it. The game is slow, the gym system is dumb now, and the game is littered with so many common Pokemon that I can’t ever find anything I actually need. But I just can’t bring my self to stop playing it, because I beat the first generation and still oddly feel like this is something to be proud of. Even though it isn’t.