On April 11, 2017 I attended a Sexual Health Educators Gathering. One of the presenters was Herb Joe and he brought up the four cycles of aging. Herb Joe talked about how in the first stage children learned to play and learning; the second stage from puberty to twenty-five is when the aunties and uncles supported with their teachings of what to expect and how to care for your changing body, how to be connected, good human being, and value of work. Stage three was about being an adult and stage four – fifty-five to death was about giving back knowledge and stories. There was no clear understanding of gender roles but to support the village with the skills and abilities that we have at each stage. When I was asked to write what I thought of the workshop, my words were: ‘We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience’.

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Herb Joe also said that ‘sexual behavior is part of who we are, and trauma is something that happens because of outside influences.’ With the introduction of computers we invited a new influence in our life. So instead of having a tribe or community of people who support and influence us we now have the world wide web.

Like everything in todays society we have definitions. Sex has more  definitions then just male or female. Within in this rainbow of  dimensions of gender we some how come to terms with our own identity – or just get more confused. What happened to just being happy.

Within all these definitions somehow society still attack women who speak, write or express their thoughts in anyway. So now that female online gives another avenue to engage with others it also leaves the female open to online harassment.

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Within the freedom of speech people have seemed to have found a way to justify their immorality, or did they find courage since what they are typing is not being said directly to the person.

I wonder how many people truly mean what they say. If this is how the adults are behaving in todays society how do we support the next generation in learning how to be a good human, how to connect and become into their own sexual identity without being told. One woman has developed a program run by youth for youth called ‘Pass the Feather’. Cheyenne Hood is breaking the silence. Well she is supporting youth to break the silence on sexual harassment. The youth are given a support team for the logistics of the workshop, counsellors, mentors and elders. It is Cheyenne’s dream that this form of support will grow across the country and into every First Nation community.

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I guess we leaving more then pollution for our children to clean up in the world but also the verbal abuse that is over the internet.

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