Attraction-Based Marketing

Attraction-based marketing is a term I’ve been using lately while consulting and coaching small and large businesses, to demonstrate a new model for attracting and keeping clients and customers in the web 2.0 (Social-Media Driven) world.

If you haven’t read my LinkedIn article on offering value, read it here.

Attraction-based marketing is all about offering REAL VALUE to people, things that are valuable to them. Thus pulling them into your brand by allowing them to digest the content you’ve created to help make their lives better in some way.

One of the clients I work with does this frequently in almost all of their marketing efforts. A tremendous amount of value is created for the end-user which helps them get more out of the things they care about.

One of the most recent pieces of content created offers travellers A Collection of the 82 Best Tips for Traveling With Children to help visitors get the most out of their travels.

This post is a great example of how attraction-based marketing brings people in (to use the tools or digest the content) that help them solve a problem.

It’s a great alternative to push-marketing which was a method used to impose a brands message with no regard for the end-user. A very selfish method of marketing.

Attraction-based marketing is the future folks. We can all learn a thing or two from leading companies doing it right!

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