I am currently enrolled in the Culinary Diploma program at Vancouver Island University in B.C.  This is a 2 year program, the first year focuses on pastry, hot meats, breakfast cookery, a la carte, and gardemanger. The second year involves costing, finance, hospitality, and events/catering. There is also a co op work term after each year.

My chocolate showpiece from pastry in the second year.


Sausage making and smoking from hot meats in year one.


My cake project from pasty in year one. A dark chocolate cake with juniper simple syrup and a black current jelly layer.


Albert the dolphin. My sugar showpiece from pastry year two.


Potato gnocchi with tripe in tomato sauce. I made this dish in school in second year, I had never worked with tripe (the stomach lining in a cow) before. It was poached in a white wine and vanilla broth.. A lovely Italian classic.


A deconstructed trifle from VIU’s Christmas Banquet. Vanilla pastry cream in a chocolate cup with raspberry pearls and a hazelnut sponge cake.


A vegan black bean brownie with coconut cream and a raspberry coulis. My dessert project from pastries.