Ni Hao~ Hello~

My name is Justin.

I have had many opportunities to work in a team atmosphere and really thrive in that environment. When I started the cooking program, I knew nothing about cooking. I discovered an amazing passion for cooking during my studies. Because I am from China and I am studying at Canada, I really miss the taste of hometown food. I started to learn how to cook real Chinese food by checking recipes on the Internet, asking experience from my family members and learning cooking method from the chefs that I worked before by watching them. During the past three years, I improved a lot on all kind of cooking skills. My mother was really surprised how the past three years changed her son to become a great cook. I have the ability to show initiative and exceed expectations; I gain a great deal of enjoyment from doing any job well.

When I finished the first year of culinary arts at CNC, I applied for Vancouver Island University Culinary Art Management Program in 2016 to continue my studies.  I enjoy cooking a lot; I want to become a famous Chef and own a business!

I speak Mandarin and I am fluent in English. I enjoy talking with people and would love to work in a fast paced environment so that I can maintain a good work ethic. I have a good sense of humor and I easily get along with everyone. I am a very reliable, happy, honest person.