Week 10

Both presentation brought up more thoughts about the way we as social workers use language and the affect that it can have on the clients we work with. Stacy’s scenario was a tough situation because on one hand the boy had no business slut shaming the girl on Facebook and on the other hand the way he went about dealing with it was completely inappropriate. Tom should have a better understanding of his role and the clients he works with. When Stacy confronted him about being to harsh he became annoyed and stated, “it’s my role to keep the house safe”. By putting down an extremely vulnerable boy in front of the rest of the people he is doing a poor job at keeping the people in the house safe.

Tom states multiple times that if he does not like the rules of the house that he can leave. For people living in this situation the reason why they are there is likely because they have no where else to go. When Tom repeats, “if you don’t like the rules then you are free to leave”, this can start a million different thoughts in the mind of the boy such as ‘I’m not wanted here’ or ‘I’m going to be yelled at every time I mess up’. Speaking to the boy in a more private setting and explaining why calling girls slut’s is unacceptable would be a much better way to go about it.

After listening to both of these broadcasts I’m going to try to be much more mindful of the language that both myself and my co workers are using towards clients. consider the situation we are in (child protection, working with First Nations people, working with families in poverty) and the power I have (child removal). With these factors in mind I’ll be even more mindful of the language I use.

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