Leadership Testimony- Shawn Owen

I had the pleasure of working with Isaac this past volleyball season as his coach. I have been involved in Volleyball as a player and coach at the High school, Collegiate and University Levels and have a great appreciation for attributes that set certain individuals apart from the rest. I want to share with you is what stood out for me as a leader of an elite level high school team that enjoyed a successful season as Sr Boys AAA Island Champions and AAA Provincial Bronze Medalists. Without a doubt Isaac was our most skilled player and captain of our team. He managed the floor with great leadership and was able to handle pressure with seemingly great ease. The thing that stood out most for me and what I believe was critical to our success as a team was Isaac’s ability to come into a team with an equal mixture of Gr 11’s and Gr 12’s, some who knew each other and others who didn’t, and bring out the best in all of them. This leadership was especially evident with a number of our 1 st year players who are very quiet and typically unconfident and over the course of the season, Isaac endeavoured to be patient with their development, encouraged their success and most importantly, included them in with the top leadership group which boosted the young team member’s confidence tremendously. Isaac not only brings his leadership to volleyball but also enjoys a great deal of success with his academics and is a well-rounded student. He has great aspirations beyond high school and I have no doubt that with his work ethic and desire to succeed, he will accomplish all that he sets in front of him.



Food Experience – Fairwinds Bar & Grill/NDSS Kitchen

After finishing beach volleyball for the summer in 2017, I took a full time seasonal position under supervisor and red-seal chef Dan Vogt at Fairwinds Golf Club.  Capitalizing on my previously attained FoodSafe ticket, this experience was a step up from the kitchen I worked in at Nanaimo District Secondary School. I really enjoyed my time learning about how an industrial kitchen operates, along with what it takes for everyone to come together to run a successful restaurant. Through experienced chefs I was able to gain useful knowledge on food preparation,  food safety, knife skills, kitchen jargon, and much more.

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Community Service

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Since the start of high school I have participated in a variety of events and programs around my community. Most of these events involve my passion for sports and meeting new people. One of my favourites to this day was being a Brand Ambassador for the Rogers Hometown Hockey tour that visited Nanaimo. I was in charge of running a street hockey tent in downtown Nanaimo while meeting the many crazy hockey fans from around Vancouver Island. I have also volunteered for PacificSport’s young professionals of Nanaimo sports day, a mixture of indoor and beach volleyball camps, Scott Ranger lacrosse camp, and more.


Since 2015 I have been a level 1 volleyball referee and had the opportunity to ref over fifty games locally. Being a referee has shaped me to be more confident in myself while taking on roles where I may be under a lot of pressure from others. I have had occasions where I needed to deal with outrageous parents/fans, while staying calm and respectful myself. Needless to say, you never know what challenges you may face as an official.  In addition to volleyball, I also have my field lacrosse referee certification, and umpiring ticket.