Risks & Rewards

I started my high school education at Nanaimo District Secondary School where I participated on many sports teams including basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, and track. However, NDSS did not offer me an opportunity to participate in volleyball after grade 8. If you haven’t already figure it out, volleyball is my passion and I was determined to become the best I could be. After getting the sense that I was falling behind in training time, I decided a major change in my life was necessary to pursue my goal of playing post-secondary. A lot of hard work and sacrifice was invested into this goal of mine. I took a risk and switched high schools in my senior year, leaving many relationships behind, for an opportunity to play volleyball on a high school team. This unique experience of switching schools in my graduation year was a turning point in my life. Starting fresh with new friends, teachers and teammates evoked me to learn a lot about myself as I surrounded myself with positive people.

Dover Bay Grade 12

Bachelor of Sciences –For now

I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program at Vancouver Island University. I am also coded for a diploma in Physical Education as I am still undecided which pathway I want to pursue. The idea is to keep all my options open. In high school I loved sciences and performing labs and so far  nothing has changed. I am currently in my second fundamentals of chemistry course learning about stoichiometry, thermochemistry, properties of solutions, kinetics, acids and bases, solubility, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. As for the future, I plan on finishing my degree in five years at VIU and hopefully move onto an aftergraduate program.