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A common question is why a student, or anyone, would want a wordpress blog.

Blogs are useful for many different reasons, thus many people create blogs for different uses! Blogging starting as essentially an online journal, and now has become a skill many master and attempt to make careers out of!

Many people continue to blog for pleasure as an online journal, expressing their lives to fellow bloggers and people following their blog! It is a great way to share a passion.

People also create blogs to support (or boycott) a cause. Blogs are a great way to gain support or build awareness of anything!

Blogs can be used as a means of spreading knowledge, and teaching others skills that are interested in your field of expertise.

Simply just to improve your writing skills! Blogs are a great way to get feedback and criticism on your writing skills!

Creating blogs can result in creating your own network. As blogging is community based, you will be reading blogs of those with similar interest, and in turn have people with similar interests reading your blog.

Blogging can also be very beneficial for online businesses. Creating a successful and professional looking blog is not easy. Being able to do so can benefit your Ecommerce store massively. Being able to write blogs with good keywords related to your niche, will help tremendously when being indexed for rank on search engines.

The use for blogs goes on and on, and really gives the incentive to write a blog, no matter who you are!

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