After graduating high school, I decided to pursue perhaps my biggest passion in life, recreation and sports. Upon realizing that this is the career path I desired I looked into my options for post secondary education and came across the recreation and sport management program at VIU.

I fell in love with the program and finally felt like I was learning about something that actually mattered to me. In my first year I was rudely awoken to the harsh realities of university assignments and grading. My core courses were very interesting and directly related to the kind of work I wanted to do in the future. I took courses on event planning, leadership, cultural awareness, history of leisure along with a co-op preparation course. All were immensely helpful in my development as a student, person and a workplace professional.

As my first year ended my educating did not, over the summer all the students in my program were required to take a class over the summer where you reflect and analyze the work currently being done in your co-op. This was extremely beneficial to me and really made me think about what I want out of my future career.