Week 1 Journal Reflection

According to Fook &¬†Askeland (2007) critical thinking requires digging deep¬†into an idea and developing curiosity, clarification, and reflection. A With critical reflection, a person will become empowered to act on issues in the community. The most challenging aspect of critical reflection to me is being able to examine an idea from multiple perspectives. Sometimes I interpret ideas one way and find it difficult to suppress personal judgment. In order to be a successful social worker, I must see multiple sides to an idea or situation. I haven’t started my practicum yet but I’m sure I will have to use critical thinking when it comes to decision making, evaluation, and assessments within MCFD. In order to achieve my goal of being more critical, I will express myself and clarify my thinking.

After looking through the Prezi in week 1, one of the reflective practice strategies that resonated with me is finding a critical friend. When it comes to social work, it’s important that we are critical because we are dealing with the lives of many people. Sometimes it’s difficult to be critical of yourself so having a friend who is actually willing to be critical of you. Many times, friends will not be critical because they don’t want to hurt your feelings so finding a friend who is respectful but critical is crucial to your practice as a social worker. It would be beneficial for me to find a fellow co-worker at MCFD to be critical of my practice in order for me to become a better social worker. For example, if I am running a family group conference, my fellow social worker friend can let me know how I can communicate better to the families so the conference is more beneficial.