Aaron’s wordpress Blog!

My name is Aaron and this is my first WordPress blog. Actually it is my first blog ever. It may also be the first blog I have ever read, but I’m not 100% on that. I could have very well been reading a blog and thought I was just reading an article written in the first-person context.

The purpose of my breaking into the blogging universe is to explain what WordPress is and how it can be used for blogging.

First off, WordPress is a content management system (CMS), as well as an open source blogging tool. The CMS is based on PHP and MySQL. Originally created in 2003 it is now used in 22% of all new websites, giving it the spot for most popular online blogging tool.

WordPress is built around a plugin architecture, allowing users to install independent plugins, allowing users to extend the purpose and functionality of the program.

In 2007, WordPress’s creators removed all corporate sponsored themes from the WordPress directory. Although this agitated these corporations, it was overly welcomed by the WordPress community.

Golden Arches

This about wraps up my blog for the day, hope you enjoyed!