Summary of Learning for OLTD 505 – Week 6 Blog Post

For my summary of learning, I have remixed a series of video clips from our course readings. Throughout my video clips, I integrated selected quotations from my cohort members, which I feel anchor my main points. I also chose to use a visual metaphor – driving a car – to frame my presentation. The video clips I used for my driving framework are from a 1943 Disney cartoon, “Donald’s Tire Trouble”. I chose to use copyright material to illustrate my points about copyright and remixing. I also chose to use Creative Common’s licensed music in the background of my presentation, to show that I am committed to the ideals of creative commons.

I also set myself a challenge when creating my summary of learning – I did not allow myself to use paid software. Much of the material I have produced for this course has been with the aid of paid software I have access to through my workplace. I felt that it was important to use free software because it is more accessible for future uses, and it provides another resource the rest of the cohort can use as well. If I use materials and software accessible to everyone, it also increases my ability to share and contribute to the cohort.

Please use the link below to view my summary of learning:

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