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VIU Men’s Volleyball – A perfect fit

I am currently in my first year of volleyball at Vancouver Island University. I was recruited by head Coach Abe Avender who saw potential in me as a person and athlete. Abe stated “One of the most appealing things for me with Isaac, is his passion to be successful and his dedication to becoming an elite player”.  As a top CCAA program and the chance to play for my hometown, I knew the decision to become a Mariner was the right one.  I am currently embracing the higher caliber of play as well as constantly being challenged with new concepts and responsibilities. In just my first season, I have adopted a role that plays to my strengths and makes me feel like a key player in our team’s success. Off the court I am learning what it is like to be part of the Mariner family. Through Abe I am getting priceless knowledge on sport performance, treatment, nutrition, and conditioning from one of the most successful sports brains in the country.  This factor ties into my future goals of pursuing an education in physiotherapy.

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