First Practicum day at Cowichan Tribes!

As my whole journey as a mature student and in fact, life, in general, has been, this too is an evolutionary learning experience.   I entered into the idea of having a practicum with much more confidence than I found myself with on the first day.   Being an outsider walking in on the fine-tuned workings of a large group of well-trained people was quite intimidating, I must admit.  Having said that I must mention also that everybody was nothing but welcoming, and I feel certain that soon enough I will begin to get comfortable there.  I am humbled as well realizing how little I know, and also aware that that is the whole purpose of the practicum.  To learn and glean experience and information from those that have it and know.

I really enjoyed watching the interactions between members of the ‘teamlet’ and seeing how they brainstormed and worked on the ‘best interests’ of the clients.   It gave me a feeling of excitement and a passion to want to join in and be part of it, but also a respect for the fact that I have not yet learned enough or earned the right to take on that responsibility as yet.  I feel it is an honour to witness this, however, and hope that at some point my existence in the office can be of benefit along the way.

Though the first day left me on overload, my discussions with Amy Rosenborough left me with these ruminations as to areas I need to start off researching more on.  Learning the history of the Coast Salish people and more in general and also specifically about the First Nations Community Culture and People.  Also interesting to learn more about the NUKA method of Healthcare.  And also the First Nations Health Authority.

This is the first blog on this site that I have just started.  Another new beginning!  As Amy and I discussed, I will make it a point to journal in here weekly about my practicum experiences and reflections on them.   Next week I will be going at 8:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday.  In the meantime,  I am going to contemplate and work on my Learning Contract Objectives.


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