Workplace Treatment issues


According to the class case, “in 2013, when the Rana Plaza Disaster happened, Lululemon had a team of less than 10 and employees from Vancouver HQ which tour global plants”. Lululemon efficiently outsources the products in different countries like Bangladesh. It improves their competency of the organization. However, recently, Bangladesh building was collapsed, Lululemon should build fund to support victims who were their employees. Additionally, the organization must ensure brands stay committed to protecting worker safety.

“Lululemon using a hybrid model for IHRM”, they used to evidence of low-cost approach which includes applying to the government to allow more foreign workers to be hired instead of Canadians because Canadians labor market is more expensive. As a consequence, Canadians and domestic labor organizations was anger with that. Obviously, the action affects the economy of Canada.

I don’t think the staffing approach Lululemon takes ethical because of it without equality of human rights legislation. It requires organization do equal protection and benefit wherever come from. Moreover, organizational ethics could help companies build a positive corporate culture and strength organizational ethics are directed social responsibility.

However, as an HR practitioner at Lululemon, I think that it not easy to solve that situation. HR should consider labor market issues and I agree that MNE’S should be required to do more in regards to staffing strategy in contexts like Bangladesh.

In conclusion, I believe that HR not only consider the economic growth but also should concern cross-culture of employees.


Culture Dimensions Ranking

Cultural dimensions play a main role in the workplace. There are many frameworks and dimensions of culture which are most important to IHRM. The dimension of national culture influences their activities in the field which involve human resource planning, recruitment, selection system, training, development, career management, and performance appraisal.

In my perspective, by using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions as a starting point, the nature of human activity, relationship among individuals, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism versus collectivism, masculine versus feminine, values, long-term versus short-term, neutral versus emotional, specific versus diffuse, internal direction versus outer direction are my ranking of the top 10 cultural dimensions.

Dimensions of national culture according to Hofstede and Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner

1)      Power Distance

“Related to the different solutions to the basic problem of human inequality” (Hofstede, 2011). Power distance two sides of factors which are lowpower is dispersed in society and people see themselves as equal; high society accepts the unequal distribution of power. It will influence decision of organization.

2)      Individualism versus Collectivism

Individualism is more individualistic attitude and privacy for their culture norm. It will might meet a risk with rejection to make friendship. Collectivism is often with extended families and supremacy of group goals over individual achievement. Employer should consider they are different and focus on good part.

3)      Uncertainty avoidance

High uncertainty avoidance describe low tolerance for difference; low uncertainty avoidance is a wide range of opinions for tolerates. As manager should depend on the situation in order to do the right way.

4)      Long-term versus Short-term

Long-term describe sustainability and future-generation oriented; short-term is seeking personal wealth and happiness right mow. Commonly, I recommend organization should concern next generation when they develop the economy.

5)      Masculine versus feminine

Masculine is a strong tendency for achievements which include awards and recognitions. They are the main motivating factors of behaviour. Feminine values is focus on the quality of life and the balance between private and professional life. There are also no differences between women and men in the same positions. Feminine is better for organization development.

6)      Neutral versus emotional

Neutral means people try to control their emotions and to illustrate poise and composure. In turn, emotional describe individuals who are not reluctant to express their deepest emotions.


7)      Specific versus diffuse

When people separates public and private life clearly, we called specific. In turn, private and public life is not clearly separated that is called diffuse. When organization do the group performance must be consider each of individuals’ demand to achieve the goals.


8)      Internal direction versus outer direction


Internal directed culture means people believe that they can influence and control their environment; Outer directed culture is opposite. In general, I believe internal directed culture is good for organization and society.


9)      The nature of human activity

People should strive to achieve specific goals and accomplishment, develop themselves into integrated whole, focus on living at the present moment. Those are human being that should understand and respect.


10)  Time orientation

‘Time is viewed as a resource so it tends to be used in the most efficient way’.


In conclusion, I recognize that employers should evaluate they decision and actions which based on particular society. Every country and people are unique, the organization should learn to boost work performance.




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Attraction Analysis of MNE Job Advertisement

An advertisement is a great method to let people know about the career opportunities what available position. In general, the organization posts their requirements of the job online that find the right candidate.

H&M is an organization which “offers fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way for women, men, teenagers, and children” (H&M, 2018). There are several areas of strength in the organization’s job advertisement. For instance, H&M provides some good opportunities to advance. H&M job advertisement is attracted to me because it involves some “romance” to support career opportunities. As a student, I will consider doing part-time work first. H&M has a good policy for students. For example, the organization provides part-time job and “it can develop into a full-time job as well as an international career, then opportunities will arise at their offices to apply for internships and trainee programs.” (H&M, 2018).

I think this part is an excellent attraction and it will facilitate recruitment to be succeeded. In addition, H&M supports internal recruitment and training to prepare new employees who can take on responsibilities. That operation is crucial to bring great opportunities for international assignments and it is the positive attitude of employees regarding an organization. It also belongs the organizational commitment which could enhance employee’s job satisfaction and attract new employees’ involvement.

On the other hand, H&M has some weakness in “romance” area that lacks competitive. What attracts a potential employee to a specific organization?

I don’t think H&M is enough “romance” to get my application, such as competitive salaries, medical benefits, savings for employees for cloth discounts and paid extra-long weekend for balancing work and life. That is a probable risk to lose many right candidates who might go against their decision of applying for these positions. Those weakness will reduce the chances to get the best individuals. In other words, if an organization lack attraction, it will fail to the selection of process and lose sufficient quantities of candidates who are the quality of talent. Hence, lacking attraction will be ineffective for the organization.

In conclusion, as an HR professional, you also want employees to do well-being and high performance. Thus, when an organization recruits employees, they should consider ‘Romance’ and attraction because it will contribute to precision in hiring the best person for an organization. I believe if they do, it will improve the productivity of workplace and those policies make an organization more “romance” and effectiveness for individuals and groups.


H&M. (2018). Career at H&M. Retrieved from H&M:


Hello student

Combine studies with work

We receive many requests from students looking to work part-time or during the holidays. And yes, a part-time job in one of our stores is a great opportunity to start your career with H&M. It’s the perfect place to get to know us, and it can develop into a full-time job as well as an international career. Welcome to a fun and open-minded work culture with flexible hours and a lot of individual responsibility!

Internships and trainee programs

In some of our sales countries you can work as a trainee in our stores, and every now and then opportunities will arise at our offices to apply for internships and trainee programs. These kinds of positions will be listed under Available jobs.

Because we’re constantly growing, we’re always on the lookout for talent. Join us in an inspiring, fast-paced and ever-changing environment where your career possibilities are endless. We believe in our people, and always encourage new ideas and initiatives. Along with training and leadership guidance, there’s no end to the potential for a successful, global career within H&M. Because a job at H&M is more than just a job – it’s the beginning of a career full of opportunity.

Career growth is possible

There are many ways to develop your career with us. Great opportunities to grow both professionally and personally are provided through internal recruitment, learning different skills and taking on new responsibilities. We operate in many markets around the world and our strong expansion brings many opportunities for international assignments.

Making a difference is possible

Our values form a common bond between H&M employees worldwide. We call it the H&M Spirit. Regardless of your role, you contribute to our success by delivering on your responsibilities and by living our values. This creates a workplace where every person in the team is a role model and makes a difference. Simply put: WHAT you do is just as important as HOW you do it.

Value-driven leadership is possible

Leadership is about inspiration, delegation and feedback. Our leaders lead through our values, driving the growth of our people and business. Through training, coaching and mentoring programs that support leadership development, the majority of our leaders are recruited internally. At H&M, we make it possible for all our employees to become value-driven leaders.

Personal Expectations (Repatriation/Career) of a Long-term International Assignment

Globalization has become a common phenomenon in society. Expatriates play a key role in a steadily growing and globally-operating company. Generally, foreign assignments are important to achieve certain business objectives like serving new markets and coordination (Groschl, Dowling, Festing & Engle, 2009).

In my perspective, as an expatriate should recognize that might be coming back to the present country after doing for a long-term international assignment. I also think expatriate is hard for almost employees who go and work abroad. If I take a 3-5 years assignment in a dissimilar culture, I will consider the problems of return like readjustment. For instance, the relationship with friends, family, and organizational college is the main problem. Therefore, I will negotiate with the employer about contract term which involves the length of time abroad, career advancement plan, relocation, extend home visit and personalized financial support like salary.

  • Length of time abroad

In general, in the new workplace, I should adjust a period that play a new relationship with the organization and uses new skills like language and communication. It is a challenge to develop the competence. When I know the length of time abroad, I could do the individual career planning which involves learning the language and immersing into the culture.

  •  Career advancement plan

Commonly organization’s planning is significant how to support the expatriate in the repatriation process. When I did my long-term international assignment, I will expect gain worthwhile for my career and obtain a promotion or other financial advantage after returning. Career opportunity is important completely. The organization should clearly advice the career planning and assist with possible workplace changes.

  • Extend home visit

For example, spending the vacation in the home country is a good method to maintain with family and friends that avoid losing the reference to the parent company.

  •  Personalized financial support

The family is under enormous pressure that needs to be encountered with strong cohesion activities, such as accommodation. Financial support will more helpful and influence corporate success.

I think there are still many other issues that can forecast which include cultural shock and language. Employers should establish repatriation contacts and concern family problems to support a long-term international assignment. In those way, it will strength organizational reputation and a foreign assignment can be worthwhile and easy to work out.


Groschl, S., Dowling, P., Festing, M., & Engle, A. (2009). International Human Resource Management: A Canadian Perspective. London: Nelson. ISBN-10: 0176440976 | ISBN-13: 978-0176440978

Organizational Chart Analysis

Starbucks is one of the largest coffee shop in the world. Moreover, it is one of the success organization because one of the basic reason is that wonderful organizational structure. According to figure of Starbucks organizational structure in 2016, it illustrates that Starbucks organizational structure is highly hierarchical. Starbucks has a matrix organizational structure that is an attempt to integrate operations across some dimensions which include functional structure, global area division, and team work.

I believe that great organizational structure play a main role in organization to drive successful achievement.

1)     Functional structure

This structure of Starbucks organization or hierarchy is a structure which indicates to a grouping based on the business function. According to this structure, the CEO is placed at the top followed by different departments performing different tasks. Some of the main departments in the company are the HR department, the finance department, the marketing department and others.

2)     Global area division

Geographic divisions are also belong the organizational structure of the company. Starbucks has three main geographic divisions for the global market which involves Asia Pacific and China, Americas, and EMEA, which include Europe, U.K., Middle East, Russia and Africa. Each of the geographic divisions in the company has a Vice President and this means that managers should report to two of their superiors who are the geographic head and the functional head.

3)     Product divisions

The product division is another division in Starbucks organization structure.  This division is addressed product lines.  For example, the company is divided into various product parts like the coffee and related products and goods.

In conclusion, from this chart, I learned that Starbucks organization structure’s type is formal and centralization to get great control and support marketing activities. It still keeps changing its structures to suit their demands and that of the consumers because it continues keeping international growth.


Starbucks Newsroom (2018) Starbucks Corporation, Available at: