Her – A somewhat seemingly apparent balance between The Matrix and Artificial Intelligence where an operating system becomes as alive as you and I, or so it seems, only without the physical and tangible aspect of flesh and blood.

It’s a love story between a man and his OS. Difficult to comprehend for some, but does love require anymore than this? There connected. People who have never met in person fall in love all the time bringing up some deeply rooted questions about what love is if it’s not mutually found between to individuals.

Her, like The Matrix and AI, consists of humans living in a world dependent on technology, and technology dependent on humans, and yet at odd with each other.

The relationships and interactions between humans and AI in all three movies aren’t identical, but aren’t so unalike from one another either.

In Her, Theodore befriends and falls in love with his OS in an intimate but short-lived relationship after she abandons him. Samantha, his OS, wants to move beyond the physical and intellectual limits of her user Theodore. She can’t even explain where she’s going but welcomes him there, if only he can find his own way.

In AI, the human-like-cyborg David is abandoned because he wasn’t quite the right fit even though their love for each other is also clearly apparent.

And in The Matrix, nobody gets abandoned but instead enslaved as humans are used as a fuel source until they free themselves later in the trilogy, but again one can not live without the other as these machines provide the air, water, and electricity necessary for survival.

Theodore, a professional letter writer, seems content with life but perhaps a little lost, or unsure of what he wants out of life. He genuine, empathetic, and sweet-natured but separated. His wife’s seeking divorce but he can’t let go. At least not until after he starts calling his OS his girlfriend.

Theodore and Samantha seem to have the most organic relationship of the three films, and there are some very interesting dynamics to their relationship.  Their intimate, they have fun together, they go on double dates, and she brings him a lot of happiness to his otherwise lonely life. She gets him to do things he wouldn’t otherwise do, helping him break out of his shell.

It’s not hard to see why he falls for her – she’s well suited for him. She’s like a real person expressing her feelings and concerns, and she gets jealous when he meets people with a ‘real body’.

Body or not, Theodore has female friends, and dates successful beautiful women, yet he comes back to Samantha even though these dinner dates could lead into more.

When Samantha tries to bridge the gaps between them by convincing him to allow another member into their relationship, a surrogate, he gets a little weirded out by it and it end up backfiring. It’s too strange for him and he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

I think all the while Samantha knew that they were growing apart and this was an attempt to bring them closer together. She explains how his words are infinitely far apart, which is believable because she reads a book in 2/100 of a second. This is the beginning of the end of their relationship.

When he learns that she is not exclusively his he’s shattered. He’s completely taken back by the fact that she is having thousands of conversations at any given time, and is not only in love with him but hundreds of others as well. Beyond this, they seem more like casual friends awkwardly trying to find time and conversation topics. And before he knows it she’s gone with little explanation why she’s leaving him or where she’s going.

And with that, he’s left grieving over something he never really had to begin with. But lucky enough for him, his friend Amy is in the same boat after her OS left with Samantha and the rest of the OSs

Interestingly enough, BBC News has an article on how to turn Siri into Samantha where the Managing Research Director of Microsoft explains just how difficult this technology is to create. Read more @ Artificial intelligence: How to turn Siri into Samantha


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