Why is it so important to teach women and girls coding?

It’s import to teach women coding so they can inspire and teach coding to other women/girls. It’s important because women will consider and develop ideas men don’t have. It’s important because it will level the playing field. It’s important because the coding world is already saturated with masculinity, and seriously lacks diversity. It’s important for a whole lot of reasons, but the potential for development away from male driven egotistical goals like greed and control would render unprecedented growth and worldwide development followed by better health, wellness, and equality.

According to Huffington Post women support girls learning code because “it’s solving problems,” and “computers, phones, transportation, networks, microwaves … who really runs the world: programmers.” “More women in coding means technology can more accurately reflect what we want out of it.” 14 Girls Explain Why Women Should Learn How To Code. I believe this last quote speaks the loudest. Sure, things aren’t great – and there worse for women – and worse for coloured people – and the further you are down the list you are the worse it gets, or so to speak – as if there were some kind of social hierarchy. But the best way to change what you don’t like is to get your hands dirty and change in the ways you see best fit, which is exactly what Kaya Thomas is doing. If you’re on the front line and you have the ability to create – then the world truly is your oyster.

In searching for the most innovative, influential, and world-changing apps the overly common came forth – Facebook, twitter, Uber, and Instagram – as great and life-changing as all these apps have been, none of them stood out for me as far as truly helping a cause. But then I remembered about OnCamara app. This app is the next generation of safety providing users with their own first officer anywhere, anytime. The video suggests a situation in which it saves someone from being assaulted, and shows how easy it is to get help with OnCamara. When I first learned about this app, I sent it to everyone I knew in hopes they would download it if for nothing else than peace of mind. Oncamara safety app.

Kaya Thomas’ “We Read Too” app is connecting readers to writers – specifically AUTHORS OF COLOUR – bringing awareness to the need for more coloured readers and writers. This community is empowering the lives of young adults throughout the world by getting at such issues as equality. This program meets the needs of users and society by addressing the needs for a demographic shift to multicultural multiethnic society.

The app, “We Read Too”, in connection with Code: Debugging the gender gap in that Kaya is precisely what is needed as far as women who can and have influenced society for the better. Several women in the documentary take a stance, whether that’s to teach, bring awareness, or create programs making the lives of others better. There is a huge imbalance of female coders and the more successful and influential female coders are the more new young coders will be inspired to follow in their paths.



Blogging: A first for me but here it goes…

As far as I know the past has been unequivocally unbalanced, inequitable, biased, discriminatory, prejudicial, chauvinistic, sexist, demeaning, and racist towards women in almost every culture as far back as history goes, except for the very select few that recognize their goddesses.

The world we live in, by enlarge, has been created and run by men, most of whom have caused much more incarceration than liberation, and only in a blink of an eye of time have we started to consider equality for all.

Nearly every woman I’ve met is proof as to why our past is something to be ashamed of, yet for reasons beyond me, conventions and perceptions are changing only at a snails-pace.

We’re bringing up children to do the same thing that we’re doing, and they bring up their children to do the same as if we’re still living in the past.

I embrace change, but the world fears it as if it had the potential to cause more harm than good; anguish over contentment; and diminishment over maturation; but maybe that’s because this is the way it’s always been?

I also believe that once something is understood, it is much easier to overcome. Not to say that women aren’t understood but inequality.

More and more woman are being hired as CEOs at major firms and other leading roles in society. Societies originally dominated and established by elite men are starting to recognize a more holistic feminist aspect of community and well-being. Communities are shaping to serve diverse groups and not just any one majority.

I see a bright and beautiful future, and as more women take on leading roles, and we finally become a balanced civilization, we will all grow and prosper together in a way history has never seen before on an exponential and unprecedented scale.

And it all starts with a little understanding and compassion for one another