Why people would want to create a blog?

Blog is one informational site that people use to post pictures and words.

A Blog is Easy to Start

As compared to a website, a blog is a way easier to start. People don’t have to consider complex design and many other different stuff as they do for a website.

Easy Content Publishing

Publishing content or post blogs is really easy. People can just write some words or take one picture to post it on homepage, and then all visitors can view it. Also, visitors can left their feeling about the blog or the information that they post.

Blog is one interesting communication media. People can use it to tell their feeling about one staff or post some useful information for visitors. Whether or not two people know each other, they can view the other person’s blog. Blog is one important media for the modern society, most people likes to use it.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Student Blogs @ VIU . This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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